With an illustrious experience of 20 years, we stand tall among the leading, meat producing and exporting companies of India. Known as Mark International Foods Stuff Pvt Ltd, we deal in processing and export of top quality meat, establishing ourselves as one of the pioneers in India while also exporting them abroad. Our abattoir is located at Maharashtra and the products are marketed under the labels "RK" and "Riyaz", popular among food service companies and consumers across the globe. The strategic location of our factories enable us to source healthy animals which are largely sustained on natural pastures and feeds, facilitating a consistent supply ie. throughout the year, conforming to international specifications and standards.

With customers spread around the world, we have instituted strict quality control procedures that ensure freshness in our products, even after being exported. In our efforts to ‘meat’ the requirements of all our customers we ensure the processing method is standardized and is in accordance with the international hygiene and safety standards. Most segments of our plant are fully automated, enabling us to meet the GMP (good manufacturing practices) protocols, which not only helps us maintain the hygiene effectively but also ensures that the automation on various stages reduce the processing and packing time, thus enabling the products to remain fresh while processing. A manufacturing friendly environment, our factories are HACCP approved and ISO certified. Also the plant is approved by the Indian Government’s Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under the administrative control of Ministry of Commerce and Industry - Government of India.

We deal in Hind Quarter Cuts, Top Side, Silver Side, Rump Steak, Knuckle, Strip loin, Tenderloin, Fore Quarter Cuts, Chuck, Blade, Chuck Tender, Slices, Brisket, Neck and Fores. The stringent norms are laid – out for animals’ selection and prior to slaughtering, ante-mortem examination is performed and unfit animals are separated. Subsequently, post-mortem tests are conducted at our in-house laboratory by our veterinarians under the supervision of the state Government’s Veterinary Officer, Department of Animals Husbandry to ensure superior quality of meat. We are firmly committed and determined to supply fresh and safe meat, meeting the hygiene and sanitation norms of international standards.

Holding the state-of-the-art processing equipments, our plant is built to International Standard Specifications, which enables the processing capacity of 70 m/ton per day. Our facility is fitted with chilling equipment, blast freezers, plats freezers and cold stores top maintain the required temperature at various stages. Our Cold Storage has a storing capacity of 1400 to 1500 m/tons per month. Due to our growing production capabilities currently, we export more than 1400- 1500 m/ tons of frozen meat to CIS countries, West Africa, Far East and Gulf Countries, per month.

The combination of our new generation facility, equipment, diligent staff and stringent quality control procedures enables us to offer our customers an exceptional quality frozen meat which exceeds the standards of even the most discriminating consumer. We make every endeavour to supply quality production by our qualified professionals, well trained workers and administrative personnel. We strive for continuous up-gradation and regularly impart training to workers on hygiene and sanitation norms.

Through our prolonged industry experience, we understand that the credibility of our business is directly proportional to the quality of meat that reaches the end-users. Hence we put a great deal of stress on packaging. Our processing facility ensures high grade packaging, while the materials used are safe and hygienic, ensuring original freshness of the product packed. Besides standardized packaging, a variety of portion sizes and packaging options are also available. The meat products are processed in all different visual leans such as 93% vl, 95% vl and 98% vl as per customers’ needs. The experienced administrative staff member are well informed on shipping procedures and make all logistical arrangements with utmost care. We hold the capability to execute customized orders in bulk.
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